Switchyard T-shirts

Bright, bold and out of control, Switchyard shirts are now for sale. (purchase link coming soon). Better yet, buy a CD (www.cdbaby.com/switchyard) and get one for free.


Tower of Power

Check out the music of Carolyn Hudson: www.carolynhudson.com. A top seller at cdbaby.com, Carolyn is a dangerous combination of talent and brains. We like her a lot.


On the Cover of Rolling Stone

I thought you would appreciate this very attractive picture of me on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine. This was back when Switchyard was famous for death metal, before I became a sensitive singer-songwriter.

Courtesy of Stephen Kam, photoshop magician.


Along Came a Spider

Little Miss Muffet was a real girl who lived in England about 2 centuries ago.

Her dad was a doctor who made her swallow crushed-up spiders as this was thought to be a cure for the common cold.

Dr. Muffett wrote several books including a cook book that explained how to use local plants and insects in food as well as medicine. Dr. Muffett experimented on his daughter by having all the different types of spiders in England bite her to see if she had any reaction. Thankfully there were no poisonous spiders in all of England and there still aren't any today. Dr. Muffett used his daughter in this way because he considered her expendable. Sons can pass on the family name, but daughters do not, so no harm in using her in this potentially dangerous experiment.

Dr. Muffet had another friend named Elizabeth Goose. She and her husband ran a publishing company in London. Elizabeth Goose also wrote childrens poems and later bacame known as Mother Goose.

stolen from spiderzrule.com


The Listening Room

These kind folks sent me an email letting me know that Switchyard would be featured in their 'listening room', a place of relaxation and singing along. This site also offers daily singing tips, informative articles and a general sense of niceness.
Vote for Pedro, I mean Switchyard!


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