Pixel Girl Presents

Last week I was delighted to learn that the design I submitted to Pixel Girl Presents was included in their gallery of very cool desktop backgrounds. If you are a Mac nerd like myself, you'll want to check out their sweet selection of desktops, iphone backgrounds and icons. It's a great site, run by one woman who obviously has great taste. :)


Your ears are delicious.

Meet Parti. She's the one on the left.

Parti is a "parti poodle," aptly named for her coloring, and she belongs to my good friend Katherine. Katherine and I often watch each other's dogs, and over time, they have formed an immense bond. Some would even say, a romantic bond. And because we are all progressive thinkers, we totally support our dogs in their alternative lifestyle.

Last night Katherine had an event to attend, so Parti spent the night with us. The real crime here is that the lighting was terrible, and these guys never stop moving for one second, so most of the shots were blurry and dark. I did manage to vaguely capture of few moments of what took place in my bed last night.

Parti thinks Cooper's ears are deliriously good-tasting. These pictures really don't capture just how much she loves Cooper's ear flavor. She doesn't just lick them, she puts the entire things in her mouth and sucks on them, like a nursing kitten. By the time we went to sleep last night, Cooper's ears resembled two soggy rodents.

These two are so intimate, you almost get the feeling you should leave the room.

Parti's ear fetish all began several months ago when I took a trip and left Cooper with Katherine for a couple of nights. The first night, as it dawned on her that I wasn't coming to pick her up, she started to tremble all over, in that very heart-breaking way that only Cooper can. In an attempt to comfort her, Parti came over and gave her ear a lick. Then another. And another. Then she was like Eddie Murphy in Raw, saying, "That wasn't no Saltine. That was...that was a Ritz. That wasn't a Ritz? God, that was the best cracker I ever ate in my life. Can I have another one, please? Please, one more."

And before long it was a full-fledged addiction.

On another, completely random note, I finally got one of those wall decals I've been lusting after.

It looks cute, yes? I do like it a lot. I just can't understand why they are so expensive. Up close, it is really choppy-looking, and kind of a pain in the ass to apply. Luckily this one was small, but I can imagine larger decals being an absolute nightmare. Nonetheless, this was a generous gift from my friend Korie, to thank me for donating my graphic design skills over the years. You're welcome. :)


There's a shelf for us.

Citizen Video is now offering retail space for local crafters, and I have my very own shelf.

To celebrate, here are some pictures of Cooper from our field trip to OB last Wednesday: