Welcome to the Bloghouse

Hello humans. This is my blog. If you find yourself here it is because
a: you arrived via the Switchyard website
b: you googled 'taxidermy' and this link popped up
c: you are here on accident and will quickly make your exit.

Whichever the reason, this is a place you are welcome, no matter your attire or your hygiene. You are probably here to kill time during a tedious work day, and don't mind narcissistic rambling.

So feel free to post your comments, leave anonymous insults, or hide this window in a hurry because your boss is coming.

Your pal,


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KleoPatra said...

I take it you've seen one of my all-time favorite flicks, "Welcome to the Dollhouse," Rachel...

Your blog is fascinating. Thanks for sharing the link with me.

Mine's http://piscesplace.blogspot.com

I'll be back!