Shopping Under the Influence

If I may impart some wisdom to you right now it is this:
Do not indulge in online shopping when you are high on valium.

I had a difficult day, resulting in the consumption of aforementioned valium. The result was an online spending-spree involving the purchase of many retro shirts covered in birds and butterflies. I have no idea what sort of fashion atrocities I am about to commit. But in my present state, I find images of butterflies, rainbows and birds irrationally comforting. Is that so wrong?

It might be. When you see me in my green butterfly shirt, try not to judge me too harshly.

If I look fantastic, go get your own shirt: Frecklewonder.com

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KleoPatra said...

My very first stuffed animal (a dog) which i STILL HAVE, given to my by my middle sister when i was 3 (never MIND how many years ago THAT was)... well, his name is Freckles.

And i bought a really cool shirt/jacket at the Street Fair made in Nepal today. i'm lovin' it!