The long dark hallway...

Sometimes when I walk into an unlit room, or when a room becomes abruptly dark, it fills me with the feeling of some "other" thing. I don't know what it is, but I like it. A long time ago I wrote a song about it called "Hallway."

Recently, my friend Michael Dunn needed music for a short film he created called The Bet. Considering that the entire film takes place in a hallway, I thought that song was the obvious choice. I had to twist it around a little to turn the song from intriguing-mysterious into dark-hopeless. This is a well-crafted but grim little movie.

When I revamped it, I asked my sister, Justine, to collaborate with me. I liked her voice more for this song, and I also needed her to help me with the overall composition and technical stuff. We fought bitterly through most of the process, because she says I am a "nazi" and there is no such thing as a "collaboration" with me. It's probably true, but shut up. She also complained that there was no reward for this kind of project, and in my annoying way I tried to convince her that art was it's own reward. As a participant in many thankless artistic endeavors, I can attest that I really believe in that little altruism.

Eventually we made it into the studio, Michael handled the post-production, and the end result is pretty cool. The accompanying video that Michael made to go along with the DVD is awesome. Justine had a lot of fun making it, and in the end I know she was glad to have been part of the project. I also think she has the face of a jerk.


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the man in the planet said...

YAY. Music video. It's an awesome song, really. Haunting in both the writing and the performance. Good job rach! (by the way, my word verification is "eeenol" which sounds like what eeyore drinks on a friday note).

kittenskorner said...

interesting video. The song is both beautiful and haunting. you guys did an amazing job on that song!