When do creatures rape your face?

Even though I love this song and decided to cover it, I never felt quite right singing, "when do creatures rape your face." But it was originally a punk song, and who am I to shy away from what the original artist intended?

When my friend Lexington Wolfcraft, who is an animator by trade, offered to make a video for my version of Hybrid Moments in the style of cutesy anime, I was delighted. It makes the transition between deplorable and adorable complete.

Lex was even kind enough to let me have input, and when I requested he give me bigger boobs, I got some. He even made my hair look fantastic. It's the best makeover I ever had.

I present to you a kinder, gentler version of The Misfits' Hybrid Moments.


The Mighty Lex said...

That's a priceless write up. It was really fun working on this.

Rachel said...

Well you did an excellent job and I am grateful that you'd share your talents with me.

the man in the planet said...

you guys make me laugh. i like laughing.