Community Garden Update

So Ann and I decided Spring was close enough, loaded up on seeds and stuck them in the dirt. We're growing all vegetables, a selection so vast I can't remember which. But radishes are involved. Red, crunchy radishes.

We divided the plot into small squares to contain each variety, using the rocks we'd been collecting to create borders and two small paths. When we dumped out the bucket of rocks, every imaginable kind of insect scurried out, including a giant green and orange centipede that made my arm hair stand up. I thought he was a menace but Ann felt he was a friend, because Ann is cool like that. I wish I'd had my camera on me so you could see just how creepy this thing was.

I did manage to bring my camera last week to document our progress. We have some tiny sprouts, nothing dramatic, but still pretty neat. Everybody else's plot looks amazing right now, with things sprouting up right and left. Here are some of the highlights.


Melissa said...

This looks like such fun :)

Anonymous said...

These photos make me yearn for Spring:)