Community Gardening

My good friend Carly called me the other day to say that, after a year and a half on a waiting list, she was finally called about an available plot in the Golden Hill community garden, and did I want to participate. I said "yes, please." It's high time I learned about growing stuff. Here is a photomentary of our first introduction to communal gardening.

I drove to pick her up on a rainy Saturday morning.

The area surrounding the garden is beautiful, especially in the rain.

We wait to meet Dave, the garden's curator, to let us in and show us our plot.

Dave arrives and shows us around, along with a couple who are also getting their share of dirt. We discuss the perils of attracting ground hogs. Everyone is real nice.

The place is very tidy. I let Cooper run around and sniff things. She was really into eating grass that day. It'd be cool if she ate only weeds. Like a little cow.

Everyone has a crafty sign to mark their plot. I've been assigned to come up with something for ours. A pirate flag comes to mind. Something bloody, with skulls, to scare off the ground hogs.

Carly signs the papers and makes it official. She says it's a monumental occasion, like the signing of the Declaration of Independence.

We can't wait to grow stuff, and then eat it. Check back for more community garden updates!


Courtlandistan said...

Hey Rachel, Erika and I found your pictoral account of that day. We already did planting yesterday and hope that the gophers don't find out what we're up to. Hope to see you and Carly soon.

Rachel said...

How on earth did you find it? Is it gophers and not ground hogs? Doh! We'll probably start planting this week.

Thanks for the note. I'm sure we'll be seeing you soon!

Courtlandistan said...

I think Erika just did a simple search on google and your pics and commentary showed up.

I think they are pocket gophers, but would need to research that. You know there is a garden meeting on Saturday at 9:30 a.m., right?

Rachel said...

Yup, I'll be there!