Viva La Resolutions

I have the classic collection of new year's resolutions: get in shape, stop eating junk food, be less of a dick, etc. But I still feel compelled to list precisely what I want to accomplish in the new year, and maybe give my goals a little more substance.

1. Ride my bike more

Tommy G built me a really beautiful bike, and if I don't ride it, I am both flabby and a dick. So in riding my bike, I kill two birds with one stone. More importantly though, is the magic perspective you get of the world from the seat of a bicycle. It is a very worthy endeavor.

2. Understand the mechanics of taking a decent photo

Tommy G also enabled me to purchase a camera for Christmas (generous soul.) The Nikon D70 is at last in my possession. You don't need to know a lot for this camera to take a fine photo. Nevertheless, my goal this year is to take great pictures because I actually know what I am doing.

3. Kick the sugar habit

This needs no explanation. Sugar is the devil.

4. Get more exercise

This goes along with riding my bike, but bears repeating. I have a box in storage labeled "skinny pants" that contains just that. I would like very much to fit into those pants in the near future.

5. Sharpen my entrepreneurial skills

Graphic design and I are getting a divorce, but not until I find another way to feed myself. It's time to throw some enterprising veggies in my capitalist crock pot and see what kind of stew I get.

That was a pretty corny metaphor. I must be hungry.

I'm off to eat something lean and sugarless. Happy new year!


BorneoDiva said...

Hi rachel :)
thanks for visiting my blog.
Happy new year 2009! wish all your dream come true...


Nancy said...

But sugar is sooooo good though!

Sukhada Gokhale said...

hey rachel
thank you for your kind words
have a good year

Jennifer Katherine said...

Thanks much for visiting Elegant Journey. Your blog and etsy shop are fantastic. The zine idea is awesome! A very professional feel. Have fun with your camera too! :)

JodisCraftEmporium and More said...

hi rachel

Happy New Year to you too. I have the same goal about losing weight. I have two main reasons why and I will blog about it more tonight. So stay tune.

mtjoyschool said...

Wonderful post Rachel. I agree, sugar is the devil, or at least one of his more attractive minions. Happy New Year! Debra GC

i love plum said...

love your blog! i guess i should write some resolutions too. ho hummm. xo

kim* said...

lean and sugarless... sounds like my choco o ring :::P