Starting from Scratch

This Saturday I attended my first community garden meeting. There were a lot of nice folks, sitting around in a circle, talking about garden stuff. I tried to be attentive while keeping Cooper, who was sitting on my lap, from barking, whining or wandering off. As much as I want her by my side, I don't think she'll be a popular visitor in the community garden. She's like a little Godzilla, trampling over everyone's carefully planted little vegetable villages. I apologize for that, and I'll be leaving Coop at home until I can get her to understand plot boundaries.

In the mean time, we've made some small progress. Carly, impressing me with her strength and determination, spent the last two days digging through infinite rocks and stubborn roots in preparation for laying down the gopher wire. I helped a little, and when we were done today, she looked at the impressive pile of dirt and said, "I think I dug too deep. I'm a lunatic." But then reminded herself that you reap what you sow, and determined we were going to sow something immaculate.

And speaking of growing stuff, check out the new art for my Etsy store:

I showed this to my mom, and she said, "That's nice, dear." When I asked her why she wasn't more impressed (because I was mightily impressed with myself) she said, "You drew that? Oh, I thought you stole it off the internet. Kudos!" Thanks Mom. Anyway, stay tuned for more new art and new shop stuff.


Anonymous said...

I AM a PSYCHO! LOL! I'm paying the price today! OUCH! I'm working on the lyrics to our chain gang song... stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

Dirt DOES hurt! Hope you're having a great day dear!